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Megarium.com is a Singapore based & administered marketplace platform.

This platform was dedicatedly providing solution to small vendors, shop owners, home based, to large enterprise to factories & wholesalers to outreach to retail customers whom visit us regularly.

This platform is being implemented to facilitate vendors of all kind thru out the world to showcase & sell to customers thru out all parts of the world.

This facilitation is being generated to suit any types of business & services. Taking advantage of all the users online to provide the best & fine products & services provided by our vendors selling & serving them.

The Megarium.com has plans to further this platform for more facilities which may suit the visiting customers & all other users to provide dedicated solution which would be professional & diplomatic as well.

In pipeline furthering we have plans to bring social media networks, job search, more personalized to finding their own friends gather within and network here as well.

The administration does this facilitation in administrating all vendors to genuinely & professionally show case their products & services.

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